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News from THE MAID

Live In or Live Out Maid? Do the math!

Have you ever calculated the true costs of a Live In Maid and thought about the challenges you have to face as you are fully responsible for her?
It is a difficult decision but more and more customers choose our Live Out Maid Service.
Calculate the total costs per year and divide by 11 to get the monthly costs. As a maid has one month off, you can’t divide it by 12 month.
In our sample calculation below you find total yearly costs of AED 55.000,-- or AED 5.000,-- per month.
We offer you a Live Out Maid for approx. AED 2.800,-- per month (halfday) or approx. AED 4.800,-- per month (full day)

Our service offering:

• Maid comes in the morning and leaves in the evening
• 4 - 8 working hours per day
• 5 days per week – you can choose which day should be off
• Maid is on our visa and therefore we take full responsibility of her
• During the vacation we provide a replacement maid including a professional hand over of household tasks
• Illness doesn’t mean service interruption, we provide a replacement to assure daily service
• Monthly service cancellation

Your advantages:

1. No service interruption – In case of vacation, illness, etc we provide a replacement
2. Monthly cancellation – In case you don’t need the service because you are on home leave you just cancel the service without any additional costs for you (severance payments, homeflights, etc).
3. No paperwork – you don’t have to go to immigration, medical, organizing homeflight, etc
4. More space – The maids room can be used for something else
5. Privacy – You have your home for yourself and your family at night
6. No responsibility – Whatever happens to the maid like accidents, breaking the law, pregnancy, etc you are not responsible as she is on our visa and therefore we take full responsibility
7. Fully trained – You don’t have to explain how to iron, polish shoes, clean an oven. Our maids are trained as professional cleaners and follow our quality management rules.

Live In Maid Calculation


Cost per year

Visa (one time)

AED 12.000

Salary (2000 per month)

AED 24.000

Homeflight (one time)

AED 2.000

Food (300 per month)

AED 3.600

Electricity (200 per month)

AED 2.400

Agency Fee (one time)

AED 12.000

Emirates ID (one time)

AED 800

Medical test (one time)

AED 400

Interior for maids room (one time)

AED 800



Total costs per year

AED 55.000



Divide by 11 (Maid has one month vacation)

AED 5.000

Our monthly price is for halfday approx. AED 2.800 and fullday approx. AED 4.800,--
Call us today to ask for more details. Phone: +971 55 204 4978

14 Juillet

News in Social Media

You can find news about us here or in our different social media sites:

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Themaid.ae
Twitter https://twitter.com/dubaimaid
Google http://themaiddubai.blogspot.ae
Tumblr https://www.tumblr.com/blog/themaiddubai
Wordpress http://dubaimaid.wordpress.com/
Youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmCPm3IZ1_M3l8gF0z1RvMA


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Humanity fights back

Humanity fights back

We can and will win this fight
We have the weapons
We have the training
We have the motivation

Benefits of Disinfecting Household Surfaces

a) Regular cleaning products do a good job of removing soil, but only disinfectants or disinfectant cleaners (also known as antibacterial cleaners) kill the germs that can cause many illnesses.
b) Surfaces like kitchen and bathroom counters, door knobs, toilet seats and children's toys may be contaminated with bacteria even when they're not visibly soiled.
c) Germs can be spread to other surfaces on dirty cleaning cloths and sponges.•Products that claim to kill germs must meet efficacy requirements and guidelines established by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and must be registered with EPA and carry an EPA registration number on their label.
d) In order for surfaces to be effectively disinfected, the instructions on product labels need to be followed carefully.

14 Juillet

JOYEUX 14 Juillet!

JOYEUX 14 Juillet !
Vous faites la fête et vous avez besoin d'aide avant, pendant ou après, votre agence Européenne "The Maid"est là !
Réservez notre service sur
ou au 0553291067.

14 Juillet

Computer Cleaning – at home and in the office

Think about all the "public" surfaces you touch on your way to work – railings, door handles, coins and tokens, cash machines, elevator buttons and more. Then, when you get to your destination, washing your hands probably isn't the first thing you do. Instead, you probably grab a cup of coffee and turn on your computer. If you power up before you clean up, all the germs and bacteria that commuted with you are transferred from your hands to your workstation.

Before you begin, remember the two golden rules of computer cleaning:
•Be sure the computer is off before you clean any part of it – keyboard, monitor screen, mouse, printer or housings.
•Never spray cleaner directly onto any part of the computer. Spray it onto a cloth, and then gently wipe.

Keyboard: Clean the keys with a cleaning wipe or a cloth sprayed with an all-purpose cleaner. Make this the first thing you do every morning before you turn on the computer. To remove the dirt, dust and other debris that gets caught between the keys, turn it upside down and shake gently to dislodge the particles. An air duster is also a great aid in removing all these bits and pieces that get lodged inside the keyboard.
Mouse: It's also a good idea to clean the mouse before the start of the workday. Use a cleaning wipe or a cloth sprayed with an all-purpose cleaner.
Monitor: Use a microfiber cloth, either dry or dampened with clean water, or a product specially formulated for computer screens. If you use anything else, you run the risk of damaging the screen. Clean the monitor several times a week, as a dirty monitor can cause eyestrain.
Telephone: Even if you're the only one using it, it's still transmission central for germs and bacteria that cause ear, nose and eye infections


Clean coffee pot with vinegar

Every once in a while it’s a good idea to clean out the coffee pot. Fill it up with equal parts water and vinegar and run a normal cycle.


Tips to clean bathroom ceiling

Lots of times we don’t even realize the ceiling of a bathroom needs to be cleaned and that’s especially true in the bathroom where mildew and mold may dwell. Grab a mop bucket, fill it with half water and half vinegar, then go to down killing those dirty spots.


One of many tips to remove pet hairs

Inflate a balloon. Rub it across the surface that has pet hair on it. The static on the balloon's surface will attract the hair, which you can collect and then re-use the balloon to get more hair.
At the THE MAID we won’t use this method, as our vacuum cleaners have a special brush to remove pet hairs.


Wash Lego in laundry bag

Lego pieces, especially small ones can get very icky and if you want to clean them one by one it would take forever. So put them all in a laundry bag and into the washing machine. Add some soap and then simply take them out and let them dry. In Dubai’s summer it shouldn’t take long until your kids can enjoy playing lego again.
Of course the maids from www.themaid.ae are trained to wash the lego for you, so just ask them or their manager to add it to the todo list.


Get Organized: Plastic Bag Holders

Do you have in your kitchen a cupboard full of plastic bags that are continually falling out every time you open it. Use an empty box of tissues to keep those bags contained, but still accessible.
Each box doesn't hold too many bags, but it's nice you can have separate containers... one for upstairs, one for downstairs. The boxes are pretty too!

Tissue Box for Bags THE MAID

Dust Allergies and Asthma on the Rise - Why?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about one in 12 people in the U.S. has asthma, or about 25 million people. And the rate appears to be on the rise. From 2001 to 2011, the CDC says the number of Americans with asthma grew by 28 percent.
Read the full article here

How Can I Create a Safer Environment for My Family?

1. Avoid smoking around children and inside homes and cars. Chose a "smoking jacket" or other clothing used when smoking that you can remove before coming into contact with children. Also, refrain from using strong chemical-containing cleaning supplies or fragrances.
2. Chose pets without fur or feathers. If you have pets, wash them weekly and avoid having them on furniture, beds, and toys.
3. Dust often with a wet cloth and keep children away from the area as you dust. Wash bedspreads and linens once a week. If possible, buy “dust-mite impermeable” covers for mattresses and pillows.
4. To avoid pests, such as mice and cockroaches, don't leave food or crumbs laying out. Contact pest control if you have pests in your home.
5. Many foods can cause allergies, rashes, and asthma attacks. These include milk products, eggs, peanuts, peas, beans, nuts, chocolate, shellfish, and food additives, such as those in dried apricots or red wines. If there is a possible food allergy, refrain from eating those foods and contact your doctor right away.

Three more Maids from THE MAID pass Berlitz English Language Proficiency Test

THE MAID is commited to lifelong learning. Therefore we are happy to announce, that three more Maids have passed the Berlitz English Language Proficiency Test (SELP) after 6 month of learning. We congratulate Lakmini, Nalin and Sam.

Dangerous bacteria in some air conditioners may be making you sick

Hot temperatures and rain are turning air conditioners into potential breeding grounds for bacteria. Taking care of your air conditioners is something everyone should do. But now, you may have another incentive. Health officials are warning about a dangerous bacteria that may be growing inside the units.
Read the full article here