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Satisfaction guarantee

THE MAID offers for all clients a satisfaction guarantee. In case you are not satisfied with the result we will come again. At the end of every cleaning service we ask for your feedback. In this rating you can let us know that we did not deliver what we promised.

Free Evaluation service

Book today a free evalution service:
A senior manager of The Maid will visit your home and evaluate your needs, before we start cleaning. You can tell her/him special cleaning requirements, show which areas need special attention and discuss all your other wishes to satisfy your expectations. All your cleaning needs and wishes will be entered in our IT system to assure that every maid knows about them. After every cleaning you can rate online how your individual needs and wishes were fulfilled.

Cleaning with our own professional cleaning material

We bring our own professional cleaning materials to your villa or appartment.

Full Time Live Out Maid

Our service offering:

• Maid comes in the morning and leaves in the evening
• 4 - 8 working hours per day
• 5 days per week – you can choose which day should be off
• Maid is on our visa and therefore we take full responsibility of her
• During the vacation we provide a replacement maid including a professional hand over of household tasks
• Illness doesn’t mean service interruption, we provide a replacement to assure daily service
• Monthly service cancellation

Your advantages
1. No service interruption – In case of vacation, illness, etc we provide a replacement
2. Monthly cancellation – In case you don’t need the service because you are on home leave you just cancel the service without any additional costs for you (severance payments, homeflights, etc).
3. No paperwork – you don’t have to go to immigration, medical, organizing homeflight, etc
4. More space – The maids room can be used for something else
5. Privacy – You have your home for yourself and your family at night
6. No responsibility – Whatever happens to the maid like accidents, breaking the law, pregnancy, etc you are not responsible as she is on our visa and therefore we take full responsibility
7. Fully trained – You don’t have to explain how to iron, polish shoes, clean an oven. Our maids are trained as professional cleaners and follow our quality management rules.

We offer you a Live Out Maid for halfday approx. AED 2.800,-- and fullday approx. AED 4.800,-- per month.

All rooms in apartments or residential villas

All your rooms will be cleaned. Please ask for a free inspection service before our first appointment to show us your requests.

Washing and Ironing

Please provide a washing machine, your preferred washing powder and an iron.

Other services

Please ask us for further services.

Our Rates

Our rate is AED 45,-- per hour. This rate includes our own cleaning material.
After 18:00 and on Friday's our rate is AED 60,-- per hour plus additional transportation costs.