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Technology we use

Gabriele Bonaparte about cleaning dust

Some areas should not become wet like bookshelfs, TV, etc - watch my video how we at THE MAID clean this areas

Quality Management with Evaluation Service and Software

THE MAID offers and recommends a Free Evaluation Service, which should be done before we start cleaning.
Why we do this? To meet your expectations! To keep a high quality standard!
Every household has different needs, e.g. some want men shirts folded some want them on a hanger – in some households are pets and we have to take care of pet hairs.

THE MAID has a quality assurance software, where all these requirements are saved. See the example printout in this posting.
Our professional cleaners receive the printout the day before they come to your house – they receive it for every cleaning even if you are a regular customer and the maid knows your household well. The printout is like a checklist and helps our professional cleaners to keep their own work quality at a high standard.

Please ask us anytime to change or add requirements to your personal profile.


quality management software

Bucket System

For Cleaning your floors we use a double bucket system from reputed manufacturers in Europe and USA which reduces water and chemical usage, and create healthier and safer environments. Why would you mop a floor with dirty water? Twin buckets ensure far less cross-contamination and clearer water longer, with the result being a lot more areas mopped with cleaner water.

twin bucket trolley


Men shoes can be pretty expensive and therefore THE MAID takes care of them with a special treatment. High quality men shoes can last for years if treated well. The MAID knows how to take care of gentlemen’s shoes – see below the detailed instructions our maids get during training.
Our original training and quality document includes more pictures and additional explanations. Just ask us during a free cleaning evaluation service about it.

How To Clean Gentleman Shoes

1) Lay out newspaper
2) Take out shoelaces – pls. remember in which way shoes are tied (lacing technique)
3) Put shoe polish on polish cloth #1 and then apply it on shoe laces
4) Clean the leather sole: Take a paper towel, make it wet and clean the leather sole – it should not become too wet.
5) Clean shoes from dust with paper towel
6) Take dirt brush #1 and clean the shoes from dust and dirt
7) Put a small amount of shoe polish on polish cloth #1 and apply to shoes in circular motion, pay extra attention to the heel and the toe.
8) Let polish sit on shoes for a few minutes
9) Brush the shoe with the Polish Brush #2 in a side-to-side motion. Make sure you get entire shoe, once again paying attention the heel and toe.
10) Take buffing cloth and run it over the shoe in a brisk back and forth motion, until shine.
11) Put back shoelaces in the same way as before
12) Put away newspaper and shoe cleaning kit

Material Needed:

1) Newspaper
2) Shoe polish
3) Paper towels
4) Brush #1 – Dirt Brush
5) Brush #2 – Polish Brush

twin bucket trolley

Customer Keys Handling

Many customers give us their keys to enter their villa or apartment without being present.We Keep the keys in an iron safe and on the keychain is only the customer ID, of course we don’t write the customer name on the keychain.
Every customer key has a Bluetooth finder on the keychain and on a phone or laptop you can see the location of the key.
This is a safe process.
But what happens if you have a key without a keychain? You don’t know to whom the key belongs. If it is only one key without a chain it is pretty easy to find out.
But what happens if you have two keys without a keychain?
Our solution is software that compares pictures. So we have pictures of every key. In case we are losing a key chain, we take a picture of the key and the software shows us automatically the customer ID for this key.

twin bucket trolley twin bucket trolley


Microfiber cloths are one of the best everyday cleaning essentials. Microfiber is made from a type of synthetic fiber that is smaller than 1 denier, or 100 times smaller than a human hair. It is usually made from a combination of polyester and nylon (polyamide). The fineness of the fabric creates a larger surface area and allows it to be more absorbent. The microfiber allows to reduce cleaning chemicals which improves the indoor air quality and ultimately, the health and well-being of humans.

twin bucket trolley twin bucket trolley


Cleaning the curves and contours of a tub or shower can be a tough job. Therefore we use a special scrub brush to get into those hard to access areas. With the push of a button we can slide the brush into the flexible position to tackle curves. The Flexible Scrub Brush also locks into the flat position for all purpose surface cleaning.

scrub brush

Gabriele Bonaparte about twin bucket system

Why would you mop a floor with dirty water? Using a twin bucket system guarantees a clean floor, less usage of water and a significant reduction of chemicals used. For cleaning your floors we from THE MAID use a double bucket system from reputed manufacturers in Europe and USA.


Our Cleaning Chemical supplier is one of the leading manufacturing companies in Dubai. We use biodegradable & non hazardous cleaners to save the environment and the health of our customers.

Gabriele Bonaparte about bag cleaning

How to clean your bag - don't use chemicals!!!